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New Zealand sex offender resource site Jan 2,13

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Privacy Commissioner right - ON government wrong Dec20, 2012

have you seen this woman - help U.S. ICE Dec19

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seattle-attorney-releases Scout list Oct25

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BEWARE of info about YOU on the net oct 24


What is wrong with Canada's judges?

McGuinty cares less about children

WARNING – the violent and evil nature of the perverts in these stories are disturbing: sept5

Peel police cyber crime academy sept4

canadian crime down - EXCEPT child porn up 40%  July 23

Why is Russia leading the charge on child porn protection?

Summer time, chat rooms...and dangers for your children

56% of kids receive sex solicitations on social networks

Boy bombarded with porn at sleepover

Good news: Graham James sentence was appealed by the Crown
Facebook kiddy porn Scandal

Canada's 'justice' system.. 5 years described as heavy sentence for man convicted of abusing his little girl for years
Convicted pedophile's son says dad should be locked up forever


Britain attempts to block violent porn sites July 14, 13

Out on bail - to commit crime July10,2013 ommiting crimes -

Online games with chat dangerous April3,13

18 % of teens have sent sex explicit images

Teens - Parents wake up !!!!!

Mandatory sentences not just - Oh says who?

Fast growing crime - stiffer penalties

ANONYMOUS site leaks IP info and postal codes of pedophiles (good)

Beware of malware

Canadian judge says he would not jail child sex offender

UK judge fails again

UK  judge's bizarre ruling- never let this judge into Canada

For women whose partners have committed a child sex crime

Summer time, chat rooms...and dangers for your children

Canada's "justice" system - 5 years described as "heavy" sentence for man who sexually abused his little girl for 13 years

Porn still number one on Wikipedia, co-founder Larry Sanger warns

Sex education - a parents gift to children

World wide police get better , custom made software tracks child sex perverts

Children at risk when exposed to sexual content – public schools or theatres or internet

Parents horrified that children get hooked on pornography

Child sex predators use advanced technology to store and share their perversions

56% of kids receive sex solicitations on social networks - May 28, 2012

Boy bombarded with porn at sleepover

The Underground World of Teens and "Sexting

Filters neccessary to keep kids from accidentally visting porn sites

Judge rejects Crown's recommended sentence for rapist of a child

Facebook kiddy porn Scandal

NY State reacts quickly to close loopholes on internet child porn - May 14, 2012

Dangerous offender released
- Calgary police issue warning - April 14/2012

Convicted pedophile's son says dad should be locked up forever

The ridiculously light sentence given to Graham James has been appealed by the crown. Thanks to all those who signed Canada Family Action's petition asking the Crown to appeal:
Article about Graham James appeal - April 2012
Charles Adler interview with Sheldon Kennedy about the Graham James case

Read victim/survivor "Amy's" victim impact statement

Horrific child abuse charges thrown out of B.C. court due to crown and court bungling

A child sex pervert stole computers from neighbors and used them to download porn
Ensure you have a secure internet connection and IF your computer is ever stolen – report it immediately to police.

Why internet service providers don't want to block pornography (hint: follow the money)

Child sex offender makes it to the FBI's 10 Most Wanted Fugitives List

Canada Family Action succeeded in legislation raising the age of consent… but too late to help these girls

Canadian gets MUCH tougher sentence in U.S. court than he would have received in Canada

Canadian criminal code child porn sentences based on Section 163.1 (before March/2012)

How police and their families are affected by their work with child victims

Are US sentences tough enough? (they are way tougher than Canada!)

Beyond western borders:

Defending the Dignity of the Defenseless - Children as young as three years old are illegally trafficked and sexually abused in secret rooms of public brothels in major centers all across Thailand and Cambodia. builds safe-houses in Thailand and Cambodia for children who are illegally trafficked and sexually abused.