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Police want public help locating Ottawa man William Groves victims July 2012


New Website Lists Pedophiles

Calgary, Alberta – Today, Canada Family Action launched a controversial new website that provides the names and photos (if available) of convicted pedophiles:

“Our purpose is not to further penalize child sex offenders – it is to notify the public so public can better protect their children and communities,” says Brian Rushfeldt, President of Canada Family Action (CFA). “The national sex offender registry is inadequate and incomplete. It is also not available to the public.”

All information on our site about convicted pedophiles is obtained from public sources. More names will be added as sentences are given.

The new site also provides resources for: 1) surviving victims; 2) parents and others who care for children; and 3) sexual predators who want to change.

“While violent crime in general has been decreasing, sexual offences against children have been increasing at an alarming rate,” says Rushfeldt. Child pornography, for example, went up 36% in 2010 (Stats Canada Police Reported Crimes).

“Canadian judges routinely hand out light sentences for sexual offences against children; and pedophiles are often back in the community within months, free to abuse defenseless kids,” says Rushfeldt.  “Meanwhile, the children who have been sexually violated pay a life-long sentence for the horrific violence inflicted on them.”

“Secrecy, intimidation and anonymity are powers of child sex offenders. Every responsible adult in Canada must begin to play a role along with police and legislation in STOPPING pedophiles by exposing them,” says Rushfeldt. He has already received a personal threat of harm from one activist group. “Pedophiles fear exposure more than anything else.”

CFA is calling upon governments at all levels – to make information about child sex predators public. “The criminal justice system also must prioritize protection and justice for victims, not ‘rights’ of perpetrators, which has been the Canadian way for years.”

CFA is calling upon judges to treat horrific crimes against children with the severity it deserves and administer justice for the victims. We don’t buy the argument that sentencing legislation requires any leniency – if it does then government must fix that also. Most maximum sentences for sex crimes are 10 years but never given.

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