convicted quebec offenders

Individuals named here in this section have been convicted in a court of law, and their names have been obtained from public sources.

Luc Lucien Fournier, 51

William Kokesch, 66

David Atbitbol, 30

Joseph-Charles-Phillippe Cote, 83

Jean-Paul Lapierre, 55
Crimes:   distributing child pornography, one count each of producing and possessing child pornography, one count of sexual touching and one count of luring over the Internet
Sentence:  2013, May – 3 years prison
Location:  Montreal, QC
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William Parsons, 72
Crime:  three of touching a minor for a sexual purpose and inviting, and three of counselling or inciting a minor to touch him in
a sexual manner
Sentence:  2012, Nov – 3 years prison + conditions 
(2012, Dec – conviction has been appealed)
Location: West Island, QC
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Eric Rivard, 33
Crimes:  production and distribution of child pornography,
sexual touching of a person under 14 and inciting a minor
to engage in sexual touching
Sentence:  2012, Jan – 27 months prison + conditions
Location: Chateauguay, QC
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Richard Farrow, 52
Crimes: (1) Invitation to sexual touching (2) sexual assault and exposing himself to a minor
Sentence: (1) 2010, Sept – 6 months prison + 2 yrs probation; (2) 1996 – 30 days + 3 yrs probation – (re-arrested August 2012)
Location: Dorval, PQ
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Gabriel Cantin, 72
Crimes:  Producing, possessing and distributing child pornography and sexual assault of a 3 yr old
Sentence: 2011, Oct – 66 months prison
Location:  Montreal, QC
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Richard Reber, 51
Crime:  Sexual assault, possession and making child pornography
Sentence:  2010, Oct – 10 years prison + conditions (with pretrial custody 32 months credited, has a little over 7 years prison to serve)
Last Location:  Montreal, QC
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Marcel Robert, 65
Crime:  Sexual assault
Sentence:  2010, Nov – 4 years prison
Location:  St. Henri, QC
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Philippe Hamelin, 93
Crime:  incest, sexual molestation and assault causing bodily harm
Sentence:  2009, Sept – Two years less a day to be served in community (seniors’ home)
Location:  Montreal,  QC
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Richard Doucet, 37, former teacher
Crimes:  reproducing child pornography, attempting to take indecent liberties with a child and using a computer to solicit a minor for sexual activities.
Sentenced August 2009 to 14 years in prison (long sentence due to being a US sentence - would likely have served months or even only weeks if sentenced in Canada).
Previous residence: Montreal, QB
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