convicted atlantic prov. offenders

Individuals named here in this section have been convicted in a court of law, and their names have been obtained from public sources. ALWAYS note the date on the story, as we have no access to updated information due to restrictions to the sex offender registry information.

John Leonard MacKean, 64

John Patrick Neve, 47

Derrick Bradley Skanes, 26

Douglas Hugh Stewart, 52

Donnie Snook, 41
Crimes:  making and possessing child pornography, sexual touching and extortion
Sentence:  2013, May - Pled guilty to above crimes – sentencing TBA
Location:  Saint John, NB
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Mark Baxter White, 43
Crimes:  making, possessing and distributing child pornography and using a computer system to lure a child
Sentence:  2013, March – 2 years prison
Location:  Goose Bay, NL
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Clifford Augustus Hallingham, 66
Crimes:  Sexual assault
Sentence:  2012, Dec – 4 yrs prison + conditions
Location:  Conception Bay South, NL
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Joseph Rice, 37
Crimes:  Internet luring, possession of child porn, and distributing child porn
Sentence:  2012, Oct – 22 months prison + 10 years conditions
Location:  Paradise, NL
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Father George Ansel Smith, 74
Crimes:  35 charges of sexual misconduct
Sentence: 2012, Sept – pled guilty to
Location:  Corner Brook NL
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Todd Jeremiah Patey, 33
Crimes: Sexual assault
Sentence: 2012, Sept – 3 ½ years prison
Location:  Port aux Basques
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Kirk Matheson, 37
Crimes:  using a computer to contact two separate minors with the purpose of committing an offence
Sentence:  Pled guilty 2012, Aug.  Sentencing to be in Nov 2012.
Location:  Miramichi, NB
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Alexander James Kennedy, 53
Crimes:  Possession
Sentence:  2012, July – 90 days prison to be served weekends + 18 months probation + conditions
Location:  Dartmouth, NS
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Larry Daniel Clayton, 48
Crimes:  Unlawful confinement, assault causing bodily harm, uttering threat; 6 charges related to a 13 and 14 year old girls
Sentence:  2012, June – 4 yrs prison + 30 mon probation + conditions; 1993 – 4 ½ yrs prison
Location:  Halifax, NS
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Stephen John Croft, 39
Crimes:  Possession of child pornography
Sentence:  2012, Mar – 6 months prison + 18 months probation + conditions
Location:  White Point, NS
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Myles Nelson Payne, 49
Crimes:  Indecent assault, sexual assault ,sexual assault
Sentences:  Sentenced in October 1981 to 90 days in a provincial jail for indecently assaulting two young girls. In December 1999, he received a one-year conditional sentence for sexually assaulting a woman. In July 2005, he received two years in prison and three years’ probation for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl he was babysitting
2012, May – he is facing new charges of sexual assault and indecent assault for another case
Location:  Halifax, NS
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John Andrew Nightingale, 25
Crimes:  Sexual interference and internet luring
Sentence:  2013, Jan – 30 months prison + 3 yrs probation
+ conditions
Location: Bay of Islands, NL
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Timothy Jared Steeves, 36
Crime:  possessing and distributing child porn
Sentence: 3 years in prison 
Last Location: Cape Traverse, PEI 
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Craig St. John, 31
Crime:  possessing and distributing child porn, and internet luring
Sentence: 3 years in prison 
Last Location: Mount Pearl, NL 
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Roger Edouard Mercier, 39
Crimes:  Sexual assault and breaching an undertaking to stay away from anyone under the age of 16 (2007, Summer and 2002 – sexual assault convictions)
Sentence:  2008, June – 25 months prison; 2010, July - released from prison after serving full term and settling in Halifax, NS
Location:  Dartmouth, NS
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Michael Gary Gilbert, 40
Crime:  Sexual assault, sexual touching and making child pornography
Sentence:  2011, March - 10 yrs 8 months
Last Location:  Tracyville, NB
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Alan Wade White, 49
Crime:  Sexual assault
Sentence:   2010, July - 2 ½ yrs prison + conditions
Last Location:   Murray River, PEI
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Rev. Robin Barrett, 51
Crime:    Possession and distributing child pornography
Sentence:  2010, Sept – 2½ yrs prison
Last Location:  Conception Bay, NL
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Charles Everett Gallant, 70
Crime: Sexual assult
Sentence: 2012 – 3 years
Last Location:  PEI
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Karl Toft, 69
Crimes:  Numerous convictions for sexual assault,
buggery, and indecent assault
Sentence:  1992 – 13 years prison – released in 2005 on peace bond and is living in Edmonton. AB;  2010, May – violated court ban of staying away from public places
Location:  Abuse occurred in Kingsclear, New Brunswick
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Ronald George Dawe, 62
Crime:  Indecent sexual assault
Sentence:  2007, Dec – 12 months house arrest + 3 yrs probation + conditions
Last Location:  Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
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James Campbell, 60
Crimes:  Possession
Sentence:  2006, Oct – 6 months house arrest + 6 months curfew
Location:  Halifax, NS
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Christopher Andrew Cassidy, 37
Crimes:  Sexual exploitation
Sentence:  2006, June – convicted of above crime
Location:  Moncton, NB
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Wayne Joseph Croft, 60
Crimes:  eight counts of indecent assault, two counts of sexual assault, one count of having sex with a minor and one of buggery
Sentence: 1998, - 10 years prison (Released Nov, 2008)
Last Location:  Truro, NS
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Keith Alexander Croft
Crimes:  two counts of sexual assault and one count of having sex with a girl under 14
Sentence: 1999 - 21 months conditional sentence + 3 yrs probation
Last Location:  Truro, NS
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Edward Maurice Croft
Crimes:  three charges of indecent assault, two counts of having sex with a minor and one count of gross indecency
Sentence:  1999 – 3 ½ yrs prison
Location:  Last location – Truro, NS

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Thomas Carey, 45
Crimes:  Indecent assault, buggery and gross indecency
Sentence:  1991, Nov – 4 ½ years prison
Location:  Witless Bay, NL

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