robert wallace street

The Saskatoon Police Service, under the authority and pursuant to the Public Disclosure Act, is announcing that a high risk sexual offender will be, upon his release February 4th, 2011, residing within the Saskatoon area.

Robert Wallace Street - DOB: August 30, 1956, has a history of committing sexual offenses against young males under the age of 16 years, with whom he comes in contact. Mr. Street has been known to groom his victims and their families by befriending them and gaining their trust in order to gain access to his victims.

Mr. Street is described as a Caucasian male, 5'8" in height, weighing 170 lbs., with a balding or shaved head, glasses, and a moustache.

Mr. Street is subject to conditions he must obey, while on recognizance, which require that he:

  1. Reside at an approved residence with nightly curfew conditions of 10:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. daily, and will be subject to curfew checks.
  2. Shall abstain from the purchase, possession or consumption of alcohol and other intoxicating substances and drugs, unless they are prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner and shall not enter any premise where the primary purpose is the sale or consumption of alcohol.
  3. Must avoid attending public parks, public swimming areas, school playgrounds or community centres where persons under the age of 16 are present.
  4. Shall not seek or obtain employment or become a volunteer in a capacity that involves being in a position of trust or authority toward a person under 16 years of age.
  5. Shall not have any contact or communicate with, and shall not be in the company of any person under the age of 16 years.
  6. Shall not have contact with prior victims or their families.
  7. Shall inform the Probation Officer and the Saskatoon Police Service of any travel plans, change of employment, and change of residence.

It is important to note that this information is intended to enable members of the public to take suitable preventative measures, and not to embark upon any form of vigilantism or unreasonable conduct toward this individual.