ryan james gabourie

Sun News - Nov 14, 2012

A high-risk sex offender with a history of entering people's homes through unlocked windows and doors to molest young boys is back on the streets of Winnipeg, police say.

Ryan James Gabourie, 31, was released from Headingley Jail on Tuesday and is expected to reside in Winnipeg, police say. Gabourie participated in some sex offender treatment while behind bars, but police say he is still considered a high risk to reoffend.

Police say boys and girls are at risk.

Gabourie's most recent convictions were for breaching the terms of his recognizance order - missing curfew and using an Internet-ready device - a mere seven days after serving a seven-year sentence.

Before that, though, police said Gabourie was convicted of sexually molesting five young boys between the ages of five and 11 by sneaking into houses and assaulting them in their beds while their parents were sleeping in the next room.
Police say he would choose his victims by locating homes where children's toys were visible in the yard or could be seen inside the homes by peering in through windows.

Gabourie is prohibited him from attending public parks, public swimming areas where children are present, daycares, school grounds, playgrounds, or community centres. He also can't use or possess a computer or use the Internet, or take a job that involves being in a position of trust with a child under the age of 14.