derek justin frank

By Daryl Slade - Calgary Herald - July 4, 2012

The Crown has applied to have a 31-year-old Calgary man declared a long-term offender for luring a 14-year-old boy through the Internet to send him sexually explicit nude pictures and to come to his home and have sex.

Provincial court Judge Catherine Skene on Wednesday ordered a series of reports on Derrick Justin Frank — including psychological, psychiatric, risk assessment and a pre-sentence report — at the request of prosecutor Jenny Rees.

The reports are to be completed by Sept. 2, then turned over to the Alberta Solicitor General to review in support of the long-term offender/dangerous offender application.

According to an agreed statement of facts signed by Frank, his lawyer Tonii Roulston and Rees, Frank first made contact with the teen in late September 2010 in an online chat room established through the Gay Youth Corner, where they both had accounts.

Initially, Frank used the name Banlene, told the complainant he was 15 years old and sent pictures of himself when he was much younger.

They then communicated through Facebook in late September and early October, with the messages becoming increasingly more sexual in nature.

Frank then admitted he was 29 years old and asked the boy to come over to “cuddle.”

They met in downtown Calgary on Oct. 2, 2010, then went by bus to Frank’s home on Centre Street N. and had sex.

When the teen arrived home, he was confronted by his parents and told them what had transpired. They called the police.

Rees said Frank used the chat rooms and instant messaging to “meet” boys online.

“Frank admitted to communicating with the complainant over the computer and to the sexual offences in relation to the complainant,” according to the admitted facts.

“Frank acknowledged that he knew what he did was wrong in terms of the law and that he understood that the complainant could not legally consent. Frank apprised police that he turns to younger people when his attempts to talk to individuals of his own age fail.”

Frank pleaded guilty to two counts of luring the boy through the Internet for a sexual purpose, inviting or counselling a child under 16 to touch for a sexual purpose and sexual touching in connection with the complainant.

He also admitted to accessing and possessing child pornography regarding 29 images and 48 movies found in a search of his computer after his arrest. There were also another 39 images in which the age of the person could not be determined.

Most of the boys in the images and videos were between eight and 16 years old.

The case will be back in court on Oct. 2 to determine the next step in the process.

If declared a long-term offender, Frank would be subject to a prison sentence of at least two years, plus community supervision for another 10 years after his release.